07 May 2016

Over and Out!

I'm typing this from the floor of our hotel room as to not disturb my pint sized heathens' slumber. The kids reallllly brought their airplane A game, but that's a story for another day.  I wanted to stop in to let you know that we have officially left Alaska! 

Am I thrilled about leaving? No! Alaska was so SO good to us. I mean, we got to live in ALASKA--talk about an adventure! We love Alaska so much that Kyle and I plan to eventually come back and purchase some land to ensure our loved ones can enjoy The Last Frontier for generations to come.

Am I ready for a change? Absolutely! Growing up, my dad's job required us to move every few years, so I'm conditioned to get a little antsy. We lived in Alaska for well over 3 years which meant my internal "it's time to pack it on up" alarm clock was blaring!  I'm definitely excited for something new.

Oh! Can I take a sec to pat myself on the back? K, cool. All of my household purging efforts paid off! Even though we added TWO children to our family, I managed to shave over 2,000 pounds worth of household goods over those 3+ years in AK! I. LOATHE. CLUTTER!

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to let you know that things will be a little different around here for the next couple of weeks. #hotellife #notglamorouswithkids 

I do have a couple of posts on the books but my primary focus will be on maintaining some level of sanity until we move into our new house in Arizona. 

Keep up with us on Snapchat in the mean time! (MarryMintAmanda) I'm terribly awkward to listen to and my kids are bizarre, so we should at least be entertaining if nothing else. 

"Kyle, lets take one last picture together in Alaska!"

Over and out!

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