23 June 2016

2016 Summer Fashion Trends - Stay At Home Mom Style!

summer fashion trends for the non risk taker

Historically, I've been the type of person who takes a while to warm up to the latest fashion trends. By the time I get comfortable with the looks we saw on the runway and finally feel ready to try them out for myself, we have already moved on to the next season!

PS. When I say "looks we saw on the runway" I really mean themes from the looks we saw on the runway because DAMN--there isn't a money tree in my backyard and I don't have the fashion balls required for 99% of that stuff AND a supermodel I am not...

One of my own style goals of late has been to take more risks! Just because I'm not entirely comfortable with the latest fashion craze, doesn't mean I can't adapt bits and pieces of whats "in" to suit me and my lifestyle, right?

Let's take a look at three of this summer's fashion trends and come up with a few styling options -- styling options that those of us who are fashion wimps cautious can feel confident wearing!

lace up fashion

L to R || one, two 

When I first saw the whole lace up situation, I immediately had flash backs to early middle school when girls used to wear those jeans with the lace up crotch...Nope. Count me out!  No, sky high lace up heels aren't going to make their way into my shoe rotation. A plunging lace up neckline?  That wouldn't even make it into my fitting room!

But, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. These flats are the perfect middle of the road for me. They work for a quick grocery store run, pushing kids on the playground swings, even a dinner date--all while staying on trend!

I have yet to purchase a lace up top, but I'm thinking this tee would be great for summer!

how to style a bandana
L to R || one, two, three

Ahh, now bandanas are something I can really get behind! I mean, I already keep them in my closet! Naturally, I was excited to learn that bandanas are all the rage this season--but I have never worn them quite like the cool kids are wearing them. They've only ever been on my head a la Jessie James Decker (minus her level of hotness of course) and you know what, I'm calling that on trend! Granted, I use my bandanas to either actually hold my hair up or as a method of concealing a particularly bad hair day, but who cares, right?!

I may just be caught wearing said bandana a little more regularly this summer. On my head. Like I always have. Because function...  ;)

boho style
L to R || one, two, three, four

"Boho" is definitely outside of my style comfort zone. I just don't feel like the look as a whole really suits me. Not to mention when I see bell sleeves and I envision all of the food that I'm going cover those babies in at meal time. Huge flowy skirts? Not particularly flattering on my frame and not particularly practical for child wrangling. Crop top? Bahahahaha!

High wasted denim flares ... now that I can get behind. They make me look taller than I actually am plus the high waist kinda tucks everything in. Big fan of that! Not to mention the fact that they are freaking denim! Jeans will always prevail in my book!

Another option would be to simply throw on some everyday skinnies and pair them with an easy top like this one and some sandals. I think that outfit would definitely put off some boho vibes, don't you? Also, this boho fringe crossbody bag (for only $44!!) maaaayyyy just find it's way to my front door.

Oooo now my outfit juices are really flowin'!

What do you think? Tell me some of your ideas for easing into this summers' trends!

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