03 June 2016

5 Sanity Saving Tips For Your Next Big Move

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our recent move from Alaska to Arizona was our first big move since having kids and let me tell you, lessons were learned! Lessons. Were. Learned. The overall chaos of packing up the house and traveling to Arizona was totally fine, and dare I say, that part was even enjoyable. But once we signed for our new house, we the kids decided they were over living out of a suitcase. At that point, things went down hill hard and fast! Because nothing in PCS/move land can go seamlessly, our household goods were still at least a week from being delivered!

In hindsight, there were a few things that had I done sooner, would have spared us many tantrums and sleepless nights. Since I'm all about putting good parenting juju into the world wide web (and because I need to have these tips in writing for my own future reference) here are five tips for maintaining sanity while waiting for your household goods to arrive.

|| Here's what you do--you go to the grocery store, buy some food, come home and cook it! Or microwave it if you're like me... Sure, the convenience and variety of eating out is nice, but it gets old, FAST! (Especially if you are known to zombie walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a pb&j...) My point is, once the restaurant honeymoon phase ends, fill your pantry! It's amazing what a little homemade "comfort food" can do to boost your move morale. "Move morale"--it's a thing.

|| Few things can send me into a full fledged adult tantrum like an unorganized suitcase! "What shirt did I bring that would go with these pants? Oh this wrinkly one... Ugh! Where are my underwear?! Oh great, my toothbrush got jammed in between the shoes. Etc."  Never in a million years did I think I would turn into my father and unpack my things and put them away in anything other than MY own dresser, yet... Ditching my suitcase was the best thing I could have done to not only control my blood pressure, but also to minimize the side eye from my toddler as I threw a fit while wrapped in my bath towel.

|| Think back to your previous house before all the move shenanigans started... You know that candle you were burning? That plug in you loved? The oil concoction you had on repeat?  Yeah, that one. Go get that and fire it up in your new house. Scents have an amazing  and powerful way of bonding to certain memories and affecting your emotions. Or something. I don't know. Science! Just make your new space smell like YOU and not fresh paint.

|| Rent furniture! Who knew, right?  CORT Furniture Rental offers oh so simple furniture rental --the furniture is there when you need it, then poof! gone when you don't. You can even hold on to the pieces for a while after your own furniture arrives if you want. Maybe you have some extra space to fill and don't want to jump the gun on a big furniture purchase. Or maybe you are just not interested in making big furniture changes to accommodate a temporary living situation. What ever the case may be, CORT will eliminate a lot of move related stress. You place your order online and they'll deliver AND SET UP your furniture for you! Badda bing badda boom! Later air mattress!

|| Fake it 'til you make it, right? The sooner you restart your "normal" routines, the sooner your new place will start to feel like home. So, GO to story time! GO to the local playground! GO to Target! GO for walks around the neighborhood! Get on with it, girl. :)

And there you have it--my top 5 suggestions for avoiding total insanity during your next big move!

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What are your tips for a smooth transition?

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