20 June 2016

My "Fake Awake" Makeup Routine

The dark circles under my eyes have been my chief beauty complaint for as long as I can remember. Constantly looking as though I just pulled back to back all nighters during finals is quite frustrating. Add the actual fatigue of having two toddlers to my genetics equation and well, you can just go ahead and cast me as the newest walker on The Walking Dead!

how to look less tired

I don't wear make daily, but I'm learning that it helps me feel less tired if a passing glimpse of my own reflection in the mirror isn't startling. Through extensive trial and error, I've landed on a quick and relatively simple under eye makeup routine to help me look more awake -- "fake awake" if you will.

how to look less tired


The following photos are the real freakin' kids crawling up my leg just out of the shot deal.

 Viewer discretion is advised.

no makeup look
Woof! You're welcome for that shot. White strips on my teeth and all...

In the name of sparing both time and your eyes from more photos like that, I went ahead and knocked out my morning skin care routine sans camera. 

You're welcome. ;)

bobbi brown color corrector

First up is Bobbi Brown's color corrector which is entirely too close to empty for comfort. Normally I just use my mostly clean ring finger and tap this into my under eye area, but a beauty blender is nice if you have yours within reach. (Note: Your beauty blender does not need to be damp for this.) I may even take it up onto the eyelids if my youngest has awarded me a particularly hellacious night's sleep.

This right here is the star of the show--IT Cosmetic's "Bye Bye Under Eye." It has hip checked my previous concealing front runners out of the game entirely! The tiniest of dots works it's magic on my face all. day. long. With this, I do the standard upside down V under my eyes and pull it up towards my temples then tap any excess on my lids for good measure. You could go in again with your beauty blender or just dive right into the next step if your entering toddler tantrum territory.

Foundation. Lets go the whole 9 today and throw on some double wear. Why the hell not? I really have been loving this brush to apply my heavier foundations.

how to use the secret brightening powder

I'd been using the elf under eye setting powder for quite a while until I finally bit the bullet and bought the cult favorite secret brightening powder. Is it better than elf's? Eh, maybe. Do I appreciate that it comes in a large enough container so I don't have to repurchase it every other week? Absolutely! Dusting it over the places I put the "bye bye under eye" using this brush by Real Techniques.

Brb. I'm going to go finish the rest of my face before the final step in this fake awake charade...

Ok. Last, but certainly not least is taking a white or light pink jumbo eye pencil to the inner corner of the eye--just scribble it in there then blend it out with my finger. My favorite is the Eye Bright Pencil by Benefit, but I ran out and I don't have an Ulta (or Sephora or anything other than the PX and Target to meet my beauty needs) in my town so the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "milk" swooped in to save the day and my need for instant gratification.  

how to look more awake

And we're finished! Now, go slam back another coffee and fake it 'til you make it.

Happy Monday!

how to look more awake

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