30 June 2016

Nailed it!

Lately it seems I'm gravitating towards anything with a nude hue. Nude shoes, nude lipsticks and nude nail polish! It can be tough for anyone to find truly flattering shades of nude, but I've noticed it is especially difficult for those of us who have fair skin. Is this color too brown? Does this shade make me look ill? Is this actually a nude or just straight up pink? 

By now, I'm sure you know my nail polish collection is just stupid. The number of exact duplicates should be reason enough for me to just say no to adding more polishes but... I just can't help myself! Somehow I manage to justify buying new shades because I don't get my nails done all that often but I ALWAYS have polish on my nails, so they actually get used. PLUS, in a salon I'd pay about $8 for just a polish change!! Why do that when I can DIY a full manicure at home and spend the $8 on a bottle of polish I can use again and again??

What was my point again? Oh! Nudes. Nude polishes. These are my faves...

Ballet Slippers || Cake Pop (I believe this was limited edition. Bubble Bath is a similar shade.) || Marshmallow || Latte Run (Sold out. Tickle My France-y is also good.) || Ivory White (Limited Edition. Alpine Snow is great!)

First, can I just tell you how shocked I was to discover that Latte Run actually works against my skin tone! In the bottle it looks like a tan nude which is normally a no-go, but it's advertised as being universally flattering and I'd have to agree!

One of my favorite tricks for applying more sheer, nude nail colors is to layer in a matte top coat. Applying the matte polish (I use this one) between your first and second coat makes the color soooo much more opaque!

I always finish things off with my favorite top coat by Seche Vite. Well, except in these photos HA! I only applied the actual color so you could get the truest sense of how it looks against fair skin. Aaaaaand so you could have random visions of the ice truck killer but with muted colors... ;)

What are your favorite "nude" nail polishes?

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