13 June 2016


When I last saw my dermatologist, it was to receive Botox injections for my hyperhidrosis. I figured, while I was in the office for something non life threatening, I figured why not pick her brain on all things skin care. I mean, who knows the next time I will be in the dermatologists office kid free, right?! So, we talked anti-aging skin care products/routines and I wanted to share her recommendations with you today! The best part is -- the products she suggests are each under $50 and can be purchased without a prescription!! Oh, and there are only FOUR of them!!

simple skin care
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Cetaphil Cleanser || I'm fairly certain that every dermatologist I've ever seen has recommended Cetaphil products. Cetaphil is so highly regarded by dermatologists for their relatively short and simple ingredient list as well as how gentle yet effective they are on the skin. 

Elta MD tinted broad spectrum SPF 46 || This product is the newest addition to my arsenal and I'm pretty excited about it! As I've mentioned on this blog many times before, the best sunscreen is the kind you'll actually use, therefore most dermatologists are hesitant to name drop specific brands. This time however, I changed the wording of my question and asked which sunscreen she uses on her own face and why. Without hesitation she said the Elta MD tinted moisturizer for it's multi functional, high quality ingredients. It contains the amazing physical barrier SPF ingredient, zinc oxide as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration. The cool thing about this product is that even though it's a sunscreen, it has a sheer formulation so there isn't any white cast and it's tinted enough to serve as my foundation. Ok fine, plus some serious under eye concealer. ;) I'm a huge fan so far!

Paula's Choice Resist C15 Super Booster || Vitamin C serums have been incorporated into my skin care on and off for years, but my dermatologist convinced me to make it a permanent staple.Vitamin C has a laundry list of benefits to include defense against damaging free radicals and improving the skin's natural healing process resulting in diminished dark spots and increased collagen production thus more firm skin! Vitamin C can also give your sun screen a boost in effectiveness! I mean, where are the negatives here??

Cetaphil Lotion ||  Another Cetaphil product. My dermatologist said it is only necessary to use this lotion at night as your daytime SPF contains enough moisture to keep most skin types well hydrated.

The Routine

morning skin care

I start each morning by washing my face with my Cetaphil cleanser. After my skin has completely dried, I go in with a few drops of the vitamin C serum. I apply this by gently patting/pushing the product into my skin. Once my vitamin C serum has absorbed, (usually takes about 2 minutes so I brush my teeth while I wait) I finish my skincare off with some sunscreen and I'm ready to dive right into the rest of my makeup...or not. ;)

evening skin care

In the evenings, I start by removing my makeup, if I wore any. ;) (Normally I use these wipes then this eye makeup remover on a cotton pad.) After my make up is off I cleanse my skin using that same cleanser as before only this time I bust out the ol' Clarisonic. I'm always pretty diligent in rinsing my face --washing is pretty futile if I leave the dirty, soapy residue behind, right? Anyway, while my skin is still a little damp, I apply my moisturizer. Badda bing badda boom - night time skin care.

Something I add to both my morning and evening routines is toner. My dermatologist didn't even mention using a toner, but I personally find toners make a big difference in my skin. My face feels cleaner, more even in texture and I seem to experience fewer breakouts, so what the hell, right? In the morning I use my toner after I've cleansed but prior to applying my vitamin C serum and in the evening just prior to moisturizing. (I've included some of my favorites in the widget below if you're interested!)

Of course it's fun to add a mask or treatment to my skin care game every once in a while. Some of my favorites are this cucumber peel off mask from Sally's, the Sephora Collection under eye masks and this retexturing mask by Origins. I also love the Target brand pore strips!

And there you have it! My current, dermatologist recommended SIMPLE skin care routine.

What does your skin care regimen look like currently?

***It's worth mentioning that in addition to this uber simple routine, my dermatologist is a huge proponent of using Botox for wrinkles and prescription retin-A for anti-aging purposes and to combat breakouts.***

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