26 June 2016

Dream on girl...

I wish there were more people around to witness Kyle's category 8 freak out the other day. It went something like this...

Kyle || (from the other room) "AMANDA!"

Me || "What?"

Kyle || "YOUR BIRTHDAY IS SOON! IT'S JULY 2ND." (the second part of course being more of a question/confirmation)

Me || "Yeah. It's still on the 2nd. Why?"

Kyle || "Well, uhh, are you going to do your normal blog post so I know what to get you?"

The romance is alive and well in our house.

So this one's for you Kyle.

Note : There is not one single knife, gun, bow, or fishing pole on here, so buying anything of the like and trying to pass them off as a birthday gift for ME won't work this time. 

Just kidding. He's never actually done that, but I'd bet a kidney he's considered it. Just covering my bases. ;)

When I sat down to do this post the first thing that came to mind were family photos! The last time we had professional photos taken as a family were when Mike was just a few weeks old! I would LOVE to have some updated shots together in our new state!

There are a couple of things included in the image that I already have, but they are worth throwing into the mix because they are just that good! Those earrings for example were a Mother's Day gift from a dear friend of mine. They are so stunning and the setting is really unique giving a simple solitaire a little more interest. These are a bit spendy for a regular ol' gift but if you're looking for something extra special; these are great!

Oh! That sun safety kit is from Sephora and totally amazing! I've been singing the praises of this kit for a couple of weeks now. I think it is a great value for a great cause -- $20 of this $32 kit goes towards The Skin Cancer Foundation! The size and quality of the samples included are really impressive--none of mine will go to waste. I definitely encourage you to check out this kit! [HERE]

I may actually just go ahead and grab the stars & stripes tee for myself so it's here in time for the 4th... Sooo, scratch that one off Kyle. ;)

Hope you had a great weekend!

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