07 June 2016

What's On My iPhone 6s Plus?

About two years ago I shared the apps that I kept on my iPhone and well, a lot has changed since then.  ;) You know what hasn't changed? My nosiness! I'm obsessed with learning what apps other people use--constantly asking friends and family to dish on their latest and greatest app store discoveries. So, as much as this post is about me giving back for all of the times I've snooped around the web for good iPhone apps, I want you guys to take a look at what I've got and tell me what I need. K, thanks. ;)

 [You can find my previous "what's on my iPhone" post here.]  

must have apps for iphone 6s plus

Currently, I have a rose gold iPhone 6s plus with this case in white and no screen protector. #dumb (I've linked several other iPhone cases that I have my eye on below. I change my phone case entirely too often but I figure this replaces the thrill of getting a new phone on the reg. Right? Right.)

I used to keep all of my apps organized into 10398462 folders, but I've since dialed that back a bit. The first page is where I keep my heavy hitting, use all the time apps and those stand on their own while page two is still organized using folders. Old habits die hard...

I'm not going to go into detail about a lot of these apps, because they are either just extensions of social media accounts ORRRR they are those damn apps that Apple FORCES you to keep on your phone. HATE. THAT.

Anyway. Page 1...

must have apps for iphone 6s plus

Calendar || I do actually use this calendar, in conjunction with my Happy Planner, primarily for the alerts function but also because Kyle and I sync our calendar events so we can both see what's what. Read: so Kyle can forget to look at the calendar and have no grounds to claim I never told him. ;)

ColorStory || This is a relatively new photo editing app created by the ladies at A Beautiful Mess. All the photos I share on Instagram (and even some of my blog photos) are edited using this app! They have 100s of filters, dozens of effects and super sophisticated editing tools. But, my favorite feature of this app is that we have the ability to save steps and create our own custom filter. It makes editing multiple photos a dream!

Facetune || I use this app 99% of the time simply for the whitening tool--it's the best out there! Sometimes I will also use the details tool to make certain aspects of a photo really stand out. 

Cartwheel || I use the Cartwheel app like some people play games on their phone! No kidding evverrrything I pick up at Target gets scanned by my Cartwheel app before we hit the checkout line. My annual savings so far this year is $477.57 NBD

Google || I still have mixed feelings about the Google App. Really, the only reason I ever use a web browser on my phone is to Google something, so getting the app just made sense.

The Weather Channel || I've tried a few different weather apps now, and this one is still my favorite. I think it's the most user friendly and I love that the UV index is easy to find. 
Google Maps  || Ugh my sturggle to find a good GPS app! Google Maps is my latest and greatest thanks to the advice of an Uber driver. I was using and enjoying Waze, but it was draining my battery so it got the boot.
Gmail || I appreciate the fact that this app allows me to use my custom email signature, unlike the iphone's standard mail app. The gmail app is used for my blog email account exclusively and my personal email account is in the standard mail app.

must have apps for iphone 6s plus

Maps, Phone, Messages, Camera

Firefox || On my computers, Firefox is my browser of choice so I threw it on my phone too.

what's on your iphone

Compass, Tips, Voice Memos, Contacts, Find Friends, Find iPhone, Game Center, Watch, iTunes U, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Podcasts, Reminders, iBooks, Videos, iTunes Store

 GIF Keyboard || If I were a bettin' woman I would say that 90% of the conversations I have with my sisters are done using gifs from this keyboard. HYSTERICAL!

 Wallpapers || I've never really been the type to have an actual photo with actual people in it as the background for my phone. I don't know why really, just not my thang I guess... I usually peruse this app or Pinterest to find something that tickles my fancy.

must have apps for iphone 6s plus


Fitbit|| Speaking of Fitbit...where is that damn thing??! I haven't seen it since the move and all the boxes have long been emptied...

must have apps for iphone 6s plus

Clock, News, Weather, Settings, Calculator, Safari

myAT&T|| Because living in the land of tiered home data plans (Alaska) meant we were CONSTANTLY going over on data so I needed to keep a watchful eye on things using this app... 

Relax M. || Our go to sound machine when we are traveling or the kids steal ours. I've slept with white noise playing for years and now I have Kyle and the kids hooked too!

Remote || Thank God for this damn app! Apple, really with the tiny ass TV remote? Really?

travel apps for iphone

SPG || Our hotel rewards program of choice. 

Uber || Kyle and I finally got to use Uber when we went to a Diamondbacks game a few weeks ago! Uber isn't in Alaska yet so we felt oh so cool using it for the first time. 

AllTrails || Hands down the best trail maps right here! If you do any kind of hiking or frequent parks in your area, this app is for you.

food related iphone apps

Grubhub || Take out! I haven't used this much since we moved into our house, but it was key for hotel living. 

Starbucks|| I just got a Starbucks reward account a couple of months ago. Why it took me so long, I'll never know. Just being able to pay using my phone is reason enough to be a member!

the best photo editing apps for iphone

VSCO || I don't use this photo editing app much now that I have A Color Story (mentioned above)... 

Font Candy + || This app is great for adding text to photos.

Layout || Don't use this one all that often either, but it is nice to have in case I need throw a quick photo collage together?

Eyefi Mobi || Ah! I can't say enough good things about the convenience of Eyefi! Using my DSLR with the Eyefi memory card, I can snap a photo on my "big camera" and immediately upload it to my phone using this app! It cuts the cables, cords and laptops out of the equation which can definitely its advantages.

Later || This app allows you to schedule Instagram posts ahead of time as well as track and view your analytics. The only bummer is that it doesn't "post" to Instagram for you, it only alerts you of your scheduled post -- you still have to manually post to Instagram. (It's not like Hootsuite or Tailwind where you can schedule and forgetaboutit...Come on Instagram!! Get with the program!)

shopping apps for iphone

Suffice it to say, I do a significant portion of my online shopping on my phone. Middle of the night breastfeeding sessions are still a thing in our house sooo...I get regular surprises delivered to my doorstep. #sorryimnotsorry 

And that's it! 

What apps do you love? Spill!

Oh! Here are those iPhone cases I was talking about...

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