10 June 2016

Words on words

 Time for a little weekend word vomit!

An unrelated photo of a little cafe in Bisbee we visited a couple of weeks ago.

First and foremost--we had comfortable temps today!!! I'm talking low 80s and breezy AND there is even talk of rain!!! You may literally have to drag me inside today and tomorrow because I plan to soak up every minute of the non heat stroke inducing weather.

We are having some friends over for dinner. By "dinner" I mean, Kyle (who STILL hasn't gone back to work!!) is throwing some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. I mayyyyy open a bag of chips and pour some dip into a bowl, but--let's not get fancy. The plan is to eat, have a cold one and watch the kids play in our redneck oasis of a backyard - complete with plastic patio furniture, inflatable kiddie pool, water table and sprinkler. Martha freakin' Stewart right here...

Oh! And these are totally friends from Georgia aka pre-Alaska. Don't get all excited thinking I've already made new friends. HA! #introvert

Is it possible to be in a shit mood while listening to this song? Doubt it. I'm sure I'm way late to the game on this one, as the only thing bumpin' in my car is wheels on the bus--but still!

Can we talk about Mikey's first haircut!?!  Apparently you age 5 years once your ass hits the barber's chair...



baby's first hair cut

I pretty much live at Hobby Lobby and Marshall's now. NBD. Maybe if I hadn't just come off 3+ years of forced Hobby Lobby/Marshall's abstinence I'd be embarrassed to admit that but... here we are, screaming it from the roof tops! I mean, those stores are basically responsible for any/all home decor progress thus far...

gallery wall kids room
arrow || white frame (diy dots) || gold metal burst || heart balloon || clock || "never, never never give up" (not online - Hobby Lobby) || black frame (old, similar ||

minimalistic gallery wall
"welcome" (via Zulily) || "hey there"   || W || black frames || cube wall storage || ampersand (similar) || star (thrifted, similar)
tassel banner
Tassel Banner

Have you ever tried Burger King's mocha flavored iced coffee???! THE. BEST. We have a Burger King right around the corner from our house and either Kyle or I jet over there like first thing every morning. It's a problem. 

This weekend we are heading back to Bisbee to try a little breakfast spot that comes highly recommended--and that's about as exciting as life gets around here.

What do you have going on?

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