27 July 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale || The Best of Kids

The Best of The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Holy moly is stuff from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale selling out like hot cakes or what?! 

Both Mallory and Michael have already worn through and/or outgrown most of the summer-y pieces they had from Alaska so a little closet refresh is in order! I'm definitely not a mom who invests a lot of money into my kids' clothes. They grow too fast and are FAR too messy for expensive clothing. While the vast majority of their wardrobe comes from either Target, Old Navy or local second hand shops, there are a select few items that are worth the splurge -- you know, the "on sale" kind of splurge. ;)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best Deals for Kids

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine

Since Mallory and Michael are currently in the same size shirts and jammies, I try to buy unisex as often as possible. Double the wear means I can feel good about spending a little more. I highly recommend the brand Tucker + Tate! They make really excellent quality clothing that my kids' haven't yet figured out how to destroy, so we get some serious mileage out of their stuff.

Mallory, being the oldest, usually lucks out and gets to wear new shoes, leaving Mikey with only the shoes that were strong enough to weather the wear of his sister. Nike and Converse are among my top go-to brands for kids shoes! They have the widest variety of gender neutral, classic kicks that I know can take a healthy toddler beating. 

Apart from the staples, I combed through Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale for things that I thought would make good Christmas or Birthday gifts and wound up with the above list. Color me a shitty mom, but this list is NOTHING compared to my shopping cart when I finished scouring the #Nsale beauty deals, but still, damage was done. ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids

16 July 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale || The Best of Beauty


The Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is finally here!!! Since it can be difficult to find a blogger who will compile and share a list of the #NSale's best, I figured I'd better hammer a blog post out for you. ;)

The deets:
best value nordstrom anniversary sale

If you don't already have a Nordstrom card, it's not too late to get yours (here) and take advantage of that early access perk! I personally chose the debit card option because of it's simplicity. My Nordstrom card is linked directly to my checking account and automatically takes the money from there each time I make a purchase -- aka no need for me to add another bill to the calendar. WIN!

Nordstrom now has another option for you to earn rewards points if you can't get behind the whole card thing. All you need is a phone number and an email address to sign up then you can start earning rewards points right away! Every 2,000 points you earn gets you $20!

Ok, enough of that. Let's get the goods!

I planned to share alllll of my sale finds, but after shopping opening day (I'm feeling good about that sports analogy actually) I changed my mind...

My first stop was the shoe department. Tried several shoes on and left with these babies. Then I made my way to the beauty department where I would remain for three blissful, child free (shout out to my parents for watchin' the kids!), swatch & sample filled hours!

Soooo, now that I know and have inspected every. square. inch. of Nordstrom's beauty department, here's what I know...

beauty department nordstrom

Pretty sure Aerin isn't part of the sale (it does have a killer gift with purchase situation right now though) -- but, this entire line is new to me and sooooo good. This scent was my favorite!

The "Beauty's Best Friend" Set includes two beauty blenders and a full sized cleansing solid for $35. If you are beauty blender addict, then you've gotta capitalize.

You're saving like $12 by getting this Anastasia Brow Kit, so it's basically free. You're welcome.

The Bobbi Brown counter has got it goin' on right now -- especially with regard to sale participation.

I think I'm going to wrap it up now. No need for you to be reading this post for the same amount of time I spent in store. Your time would be much better spent shopping at this point. 

Oh! Check out the Beauty Glam-Out events-- spa Wednesday?! Where do I sign???

Ok, for real. 


10 July 2016

Girl Bye

 I'm sure at this point in our relationship you are well aware of the fact that I'm a quientessential introvert. It costs me energy to be social. Working to actually MAKE friends in our new city, fughettaboutit. The level of social required for that...

Well, last week I climbed out of my hole of my little introverted comfort zone and struck up a conversation with another mom at story time. Regular ol' small talk led me to asking her about local activities for kids. (Slim pickins' around here thus far so I figured I'd use my resources...)

The first three activities she brought up were activities we had already discovered, so she then asked ME if I had found anything she hadn't mentioned. I answered, through a little giggle, "sometimes we go to the McDonald's on Fry Rd (ha! Get it? FRY rd...!) and play in their indoor play area."  

She looked at me wide eyed and appalled and said "you don't actually give your kids any of that food though do you!?!?!"

My unfiltered thoughts :: "Freeloading on McDonald's play equipment isn't really a good look, not to mention cheap and easy food WHILE the kids expel some of their seemingly endless supply of energy...YES! Yes, I actually do give my kids that food."

**First eye roll withheld as a courtesy.

Next, she told me that she only has to worry about activities for her kids in the summer since she actually works. She's a teacher.


How nice. Maybe I'm just out of practice, but is that really first mom date (kinda) conversation material???
Thennnn came the breastfeeding jab...

[side note: It was only me and Mallory in story time. My sister had Michael out in the children's section of the library.]

She said "There are a few mommy groups at The Wellness Center in town. I'm involved with both the baby wearing and breastfeeding groups. I guess don't know if your into that kind of thing, but I think it's pretty great! The breastfeeding group is my favorite. It's full of moms who are genuinely interested in what's best for their children and most are nursing older babies like I am. (gestures toward her 8 ish month old) I'm still nursing this one because I know it's best for her. But again... I don't know if that's your thing or not."

Holy shit balls! Is this woman for real?!

**She ignorantly says this to a woman who is nursing her 15 month old -- as if that were the damn point!

No freaking wonder so many moms don't feel supported! There are condescending trolls like this one lurking around every parenting turn! 

I've heard alllll I need to hear.


The article that inspired me to share my *ahem* encounter.

06 July 2016

Our Baby Had A Seizure

On Sunday, July 3rd 2016 our 14 month old son Michael had a seizure.

Helplessly watching our son have a seizure, calling 911 and riding in an ambulance to the hospital... there just aren't words to sufficiently describe the terror Kyle and I felt.

Since his birth, we have predicted that Michael would be the first of our kids to visit the emergency room, but never did we imagine it would be like this...

About 4 days prior to Michael's seizure, his older sister Mallory started running a fever. She didn't have any symptoms other than her fever which lingered for about 48 hours. Don't get me wrong, she certainly didn't feel well, but there wasn't anything else specific going on. No vomiting or diarrhea. No complaints of a sore throat or ear pain. We figured it was some random gross kid virus and let it run it's course. We were far from shocked when Michael woke up on the morning of the 3rd with a low grade fever (about 99.8-100.5 ish.)

We usually don't medicate our kids' fevers until they hit about 102 degrees because we want their bodies to experience the infection fighting benefits of a fever. So, it wasn't until Mike woke up from his afternoon nap with a fever of 102.7 that we decided to give him Tylenol. After giving him Tylenol, Mike and I went into the living room to cuddle and rock while we waited for the medicine to work it's magic. We had been rocking quietly for about 5 minutes when I felt my son's entire body stiffen up and jolt. I immediately yelled for Kyle to come inside. Mike jolted again only this time his eyes rolled back and he stopped breathing. I yelled again only this time telling Kyle that Mike was having a seizure which prompted Kyle to grab his phone while he was making his way to the living room. Kyle took one look at Michael and asked if we should call 911. We did.

*Note : If you live on a military installation and have to call 911 you will have to be transferred to second dispatcher. So, as soon as you get the first 911 dispatcher on the phone, tell them you are on post so they can transfer you immediately. This will save time by not having to explain your emergency to two separate people.

Mike continued seizing with wave like convulsions, eyes rolled back, and blue lips for 3 excruciating minutes.

Following his seizure, Michael was extremely disoriented. His breathing was shallow and he grunted with each breath. When we looked in his eyes, our Michael wasn't there.  After 10 long minutes he finally made eye contact and recognized me.

With Michael in my arms, all Kyle and I could do is wander around our front yard waiting for EMS. The ultimate in parental helplessness and pure terror.

It took 15 minutes for the ambulance to arrive.

Immediately one paramedic physically assessed Michael while another got the run down of the situation from Kyle. They put us in the ambulance, checked Mike's heart rate, oxygen levels, temperature and blood sugar. All were normal except his temp which was 102.8.

At this point a fireman demanded my eye contact. He very sternly said "Mom. Your son is safe and we will help you take care of him. A seizure with fever is common in children his age. Our initial assessment tells us that it was simply that and he will be just FINE."

That was a very powerful and greatly appreciated moment for me during this nightmare.

During the ride to the hospital, Mike's condition continued to improve. I sang to him and watched hopefully as he grew more interested in all the cool gadgets inside the ambulance and increasingly irritated by his oxygen mask.

At the hospital, the doctors and nurses did a lot of the same assessments as the paramedics. They quickly decided to give him Motrin (he threw up the Tylenol we gave him earlier) to manage his fever.

After 30 minutes it was clear Mike was feeling better because he was getting into everything. If we didn't get the show on the road, he was going to do some serious damage to that hospital room. At about that time the doctor came in and told us Michael had what is called a febrile seizure.

Kyle and I hammered him with 912756329 questions. I even tried to convince him to keep us overnight because the thought of bringing him home and this happening again was absolutely terrifying. They shut me down.

We followed up on Tuesday with a physician at the children's hospital in Tucson. From that appointment we gained a little more understanding of febrile seizures as well as some reassurance of Mike's ongoing safety and well being.

Long story short : his seizure was caused by his fever (which was apparently caused by an ear infection) and is essentially harmless. It is likely that this won't happen again, but it might. Moving forward, any known fever of his needs to be medicated immediately in order to best prevent a febrile seizure. 

Now if only someone could erase the image of my precious son's face during his seizure from my head...

PS. Thank goodness my sister is in town visiting. She had Mallory out on a lunch date when all of this went down so Mallory didn't see anything and we didn't have to worry about her. She was blissfully ignorant to the situation and well taken care of. 

02 July 2016

27 on my 27th

Growing up, whenever me and my sisters would ask Mom or Dad how old they were they would respond with either "I don't know. How old am I?" or they would bust out a pen and paper for a quick little math problem. My sisters and I would always kind of roll our eyes and say to each other "how the hell do they not know how old they are?! It's a joke right? There is no possible way they are SOOOO old that they actually forget their age."

I'm here to admit that I was wrong. (Go ahead Dad... I'll give you a minute to bask in reading that phrase.) Over this past year, on more occasions than I care to admit, I've lost track of my age. Wait, am I turning 26 or am I already 26? It's bad. And I'm not alone--Kyle's been doing it too! "Amanda, how old am I? 25 or 26?" I don't know whether to blame it on the kids and the exhaustion that comes with them or if I just need to accept my reality...I've become my parents!

Anyway, let's hope I can still at least count to 27 for the sake of this post...

27 Totally Random Things About Me

1. I have three younger sisters and don't do anything to dispel The Birth Order Effect. Oldest child through and through...

2. Throughout my childhood I played at least one sport a season, but was the most passionate about/dedicated to soccer. It was a huge part of my life until I got to college, at which point I started simply playing the game for fun.

3. During my soccer career I had two knee injuries that ultimately required surgery.

5. Having just moved from Alaska to Arizona, I can say with 100% certainty that I would rather be cold than hot any day of the week! I stand by my saying that "when you're cold, you can always add more layers, but when it's hot, you can only get so naked." #truth!

6. I graduated from The University of Tennessee with a degree in Psychology. Go Vols!

7. In a past life, I used that psych degree for something more than winning arguments with my husband and diagnosing my children (HA!)--I worked as an in-home counselor to families with children who have emotional or behavioral disturbances/mental illness.

8. I enjoy the art of arguing. This is arguably (hehe) Kyle's least favorite trait of mine. I've been known to argue about things just for arguments' sake, which is apparently quite annoying...
9. I'm a shopper, but not necessarily a buyer. Aimlessly wandering the mall without a plan or ever even making a single purchase is a-ok with me!

10. People watching is my shit!

11. My usual Starbucks order is either a grande dirty chai or peppermint americano and I ALWAYS get a venti ice water with it. If I'm paying that much for my damn caffeine...

12. I prefer savory to sweet foods. If given the choice between a steak or a cupcake; I'll choose the steak every time.

13. My math skills max out at about 5th grade. Anything beyond basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division...I'm out! It's quite sad really.

14. We had a pretty small wedding--only about 40 people in total.

15. When I sing the music has to be loud enough to drown out the sound of my voice or I just can't deal. Terrible doesn't begin to describe the noise that is my singing voice...

16. My "signature scent" is Si by Giorgio Armani. I wear it every single day, even if I wear something else, there is always at least a spritz of this stuff on my bod.

17. I HATE the general unwillingness of society to exercise judgement. We blindly follow "rules" and create policies simply because people don't want to actually think.

18. While I'm not a shy person, I definitely consider myself an introvert.

19. Apart from my family and doctors, I owe a lot of credit to my dog Schatzi for getting me through my cancer treatment.

20. Diet Coke NOT Diet Pepsi. If only Diet Pepsi is available, I'll take water or Iced Tea.

21. When I got married, I didn't drop any of my given names--just slapped my husbands' last name on the end and called it good.

22. Beer over wine. Currently, my favorite beer is Stella Artois, but historically I gravitate towards cheap college beers. ;)

23. Eventually, I'd love to own a little cabin in the middle of nowheresville Alaska (or maybe Montana...)

24. I don't really like watching movies. Once upon a time I guess I enjoyed them, but now I find anything longer than an hour tough to sit through. #ADDmuch?

25. I need alone time to not go completely bat shit--even if it's just a 15 minute drive around the neighborhood in complete silence.

26. My feet are wide and my big toes are massive. No future as a foot model. ;)

27. I only have one tattoo but have a couple more ideas brewing...

Boom! Done.

Full disclosure :: I stole several of these factoids from last years' post because I'm just not interesting enough to come up with 27 entirely NEW things.
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