10 July 2016

Girl Bye

 I'm sure at this point in our relationship you are well aware of the fact that I'm a quientessential introvert. It costs me energy to be social. Working to actually MAKE friends in our new city, fughettaboutit. The level of social required for that...

Well, last week I climbed out of my hole of my little introverted comfort zone and struck up a conversation with another mom at story time. Regular ol' small talk led me to asking her about local activities for kids. (Slim pickins' around here thus far so I figured I'd use my resources...)

The first three activities she brought up were activities we had already discovered, so she then asked ME if I had found anything she hadn't mentioned. I answered, through a little giggle, "sometimes we go to the McDonald's on Fry Rd (ha! Get it? FRY rd...!) and play in their indoor play area."  

She looked at me wide eyed and appalled and said "you don't actually give your kids any of that food though do you!?!?!"

My unfiltered thoughts :: "Freeloading on McDonald's play equipment isn't really a good look, not to mention cheap and easy food WHILE the kids expel some of their seemingly endless supply of energy...YES! Yes, I actually do give my kids that food."

**First eye roll withheld as a courtesy.

Next, she told me that she only has to worry about activities for her kids in the summer since she actually works. She's a teacher.


How nice. Maybe I'm just out of practice, but is that really first mom date (kinda) conversation material???
Thennnn came the breastfeeding jab...

[side note: It was only me and Mallory in story time. My sister had Michael out in the children's section of the library.]

She said "There are a few mommy groups at The Wellness Center in town. I'm involved with both the baby wearing and breastfeeding groups. I guess don't know if your into that kind of thing, but I think it's pretty great! The breastfeeding group is my favorite. It's full of moms who are genuinely interested in what's best for their children and most are nursing older babies like I am. (gestures toward her 8 ish month old) I'm still nursing this one because I know it's best for her. But again... I don't know if that's your thing or not."

Holy shit balls! Is this woman for real?!

**She ignorantly says this to a woman who is nursing her 15 month old -- as if that were the damn point!

No freaking wonder so many moms don't feel supported! There are condescending trolls like this one lurking around every parenting turn! 

I've heard alllll I need to hear.


The article that inspired me to share my *ahem* encounter.

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