15 August 2016

A Day At The Beach || Wilmington, NC

We put our toes in the water and ass in the sand at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina last month for the lowest key beach adventure in HISTORY!

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taking a toddler to the beach

This was Mallory and Michael's first real visit to the beach! Well, a beach with actual sand castle and water play possibilities since Alaska's beaches didn't really offer such amenities to the sane and warmblooded. 

Wait. Rewind for an important food recommendation...

Before making our way to the beach, I forced the gang to head downtown Wilmington. Your girl was on the prowl for some good, fresh seafood! We landed at The Shuckin Shack for a few seafood samplers. Hit. The. Spot. And the refrenced One Trill Hill sooooooo... If you're ever in the area, definitely check out The Shuckin Shack!

the shuckin shack

Once everyone's my dinner needs had been met, it was about 5:30pm and time to actually hit the beach!

I predicted Mallory would be very cautious about going in the water but love playing in the sand and Mike would bring is overconfidence A game and head straight for the ocean. Well, they must have heard my thoughts because they did the exact opposite! (Kids and pets never miss an opportunity to make Mom look foolish.) Mallory went balls to the wall giving her swimming skills a little more credit than they deserved while Michael took a thorough risk assessment before even allowing the waves to touch his toes.

Mike through us another wildcard by running a fever shortly after we got to the beach. He had been a little under the weather most of the day, but the fever didn't start until the fun did. Of course his seizure was/is still fresh in my mind, so I ran up to the shop at the pier and spent roughly $92375 on some Tylenol (and sand toys.) Mike remained attached to either me, my sister or my mom for the rest of the evening so we could keep a close eye on his fever. I think he still managed to enjoy himself...

*too many photos in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

baby at the beach
kids at the beach 
family beach trip

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beach pier

Mallory on the other hand made it her mission to stay moving and FREE for as long as the daylight would allow. Her excitement about the beach was simply infectious! All the running, skipping and screaming with joy and the most beautiful smile plastered on her face is an image I hope to have in my head forever.

*again with the excessive photo count...
toddler rash guard

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wrightsville beach

wrightsville beach north carolina

one tree hill beach

Read more about our trip to Wilmington, NC here!

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