04 September 2016

Cincinnati Trip Recap

Our most recent trip to Cincinnati has come and gone. Gosh, we love that city!

Cincinnati Skyline

We love being able to see so many family and friends in one place. Kyle's Aunt was kind enough to open her home to our crazy crew for the entire week. It ended up being the perfect way to maximize family time -- Kyle's parents were also staying there plus it gave everyone else a familiar and comfortable place to sit around and visit. (Or cause maximum commotion if we are talking about my children...)

We love having access to countless amenities and activities. Taking the kids to the playgrounds I frequented growing up is highly unlikely, but it is soo cool watching them explore Kyle's old stomping grounds. Mike even got his haircut at the barber Kyle and his dad went to for years! The nostalgia plastered on his parents' faces throughout the week ... priceless!

newport aquarium

We love seeing the Reds play.  Hitting an MLB game probably tops the list of favorite "date" activities for me and Kyle which has made it extra fun introducing the kids to baseball.

great american ball park cincinnati ohio

Mom fail : I fully documented Mallory's first Reds game yet failed to even get Michael's "First Reds Game" certificate. Shh! I haven't told him yet. ;)

vintage pete rose jersey

We love the local food. Montgomery Inn, Busken Bakery, The Precinct, LaRosa's, Skyline, Tom and Chee ... just to name a few.

larosas cincinnati

larosas spagehtti night

I could go on and on, but most of all, I think we love the familiarity of Cincinnati. Cincinnati is where Kyle was born and raised; always quick to say "Cincinnati" when asked where he's from (unlike myself who always stammers and stutters searching for an appropriate answer.) Even though it's not home, Cincinnati is one of the few places we will always go back to.

This brings me to the actual reason for this particular trip to Cincinnati, to see Kyle's best friend Ryan get married!! Kyle was a groomsman and Mallory was their flower girl. We were so thankful to be part of Katie and Ryan's big day!

Katie was not only one of the most stunning brides ever, she was also quite possibly the most chill (as far as I could tell anyway lol!) Pouring rain? No big deal. Dog standing on her dress before the ceremony? Who cares?! Flower girl turns around and walks back UP the aisle just as the officiant starts talking? Funny! I kid you not, Katie was as cool as a cucumber. All she cared about was marrying Ryan and spending the evening celebrating with the people she loves.

rainy bridal party photo
Eleven:11 Photography

dog stands on wedding dress
Eleven:11 Photography

flower girl dress
Eleven:11 Photography

Another Mom fail : I dropped the ball big time and took approximately zero pictures during the wedding. Normally this wouldn't have been too upsetting because it clearly indicates we were busy having a blast, but this time it means I have not one single picture of Mike. He looked so handsome in his little slacks, loafers and tie...

We were so bummed on Sunday when it was time to head home. A week simply wasn't enough time...

What are your favorite spots in Cincinnati? 

where to eat in cincinnati

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