08 May 2017

What's the deal with this lip stuff?

Ok. Before I jump into this...  I do not sell LipSense. I do not plan to sell LipSense. However, it seems that many of my friends have made a very different choice and peddle the shit out of some LipSense!

lipsense review

Multi level marketing companies like SeneGence (the brand behind LipSense and various other make up and skin care products) are something I try to avoid like the plague. I've had a bad experience purchasing from one in the past and I generally like to have the freedom to purchase something completely on my own -- no middle man.

However,  one of my particularly sweet, LipSense loving friends, Camille, sent me a starter kit and I quickly found myself completely hooked!

lipsense starter collection

LipSense claims their lip colors wont budge, last anywhere between 4-18 hours and work to restore moisture to your lips. One of the most appealing of their claims is the ability to create your own lip color combo by layering various shades on top of each other. "Custom" sounds pretty big leagues stuff if you ask me. Also, their glosses are supposed to be some of the best, most hydrating, good-for-you glosses in the game!

Big words SeneGence. Big words.

lipsense starter kit

Before Camille sent my starter kit, which includes a liquid lip color of my choice, a gloss and the Oops! Remover, she gave me some personalized advice on choosing a color, plus a clear run down on how to apply this stuff, but I'll get more into that in a second. Of the 36 different liquid lip colors -- I went with Pink Champagne, a beautiful, cool toned pink.

pink champagne lipsense image

Pink Champagne falls right in line with my favorite, go to, everyday lip color. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, it reminds me ALOT of lovesick by Kat Von D!  

how to apply lipsense

You are supposed to apply your well shaken LipSense to clean, dry lips using a layering technique. 

With color on your applicator and beginning at the corner of your mouth, move the wand in one continuous motion across each lip, creating the first layer.

 With your lips apart, wait a few seconds for the first layer to dry then repeat step 1 two more times.

 ** Make sure you are moving the wand across your lips in the same direction you did for the first layer. 

After the third layer has completely dried, apply your gloss. 

Bam! Done. Crushed it.

pink champagne lipsense on fair skin

PS. You can comb through images of all 36 colors on various skin tones here or just consult the Pinterest which is chalk full of LipSense pics and ideas.

At this point, I've been using my starter collection and LipSense lipcolor EXCLUSIVELY for over a month and feel ready to spill... 

Is it worth the hype? What's the deal?

The "exfoliation process" is no joke. Apparently there is some magic sauce in LipSense that sloughs off alllllll of the dead skin and years of bull shit lip product build up from your lips -- a cool but lengthy process. Nearly three weeks after beginning to use LipSense (they certainly make you work for that longwear-ability) my lips finally started to improve and now feel absolutely amazing -- smooth, hydrated and healthy.

4-18 hours? Seriously?

During those first couple of weeks when my lips were falling off my face, I was lucky to hit that 4 hour mark without needing to touch up. But now, I have to deliberately take my LipSense off at the end of the day because it's still going so strong -- and with only a gloss reapply or two to speak of.

Worth the price tag?

FYI the lip color costs $25 and the glosses cost $20.

But the answer to this question is a ground ball. YES! Cost per use is pennies on the dollar compared to even the cheapest of drugstore lipsticks. Seriously, think about it. You reapply your Cover Girl lipstick 5ish times per day to your 1 LipSense application... A tube of LipSense is said to last you six months easy!


Your cost per use will be even less because Camille has offered Marry Mint readers 10% off any purchase from her shop Ash Beauty Boutique!

Update*** She is also running a Mother's Day sale that gets you 15% off any lip color!

lipsense starter collection promo code

I think LipSense is definitely something worth trying if you haven't already.

I have already purchased two more glosses AND the lip volumizer.  #byedollars

Have you used LipSense? What colors or color combinations are your favorites? Looking to add to my shopping list... ;)

01 May 2017

New Groove?

All of my people (and dogs) are finally on the same continent AND we have officially moved into our new home in Wiesbaden, Germany!

The kids and I left the states ahead of Kyle and sent our household goods at that time as well. Kyle and the dogs toughed it out by camping in our empty house in Arizona in the name of not having to wait on our stuff on the Germany side of this move. It worked out perfectly because our household goods were delivered the same day we signed for housing. 

By the way, we signed for an APARTMENT. An apartment in a stairwell. … !!! I mean, I know this is Europe and apartment living is more commonplace here but hot damn - talk about an adjustment! In the past year we have gone from owning a home on a half acre in Alaska, to a townhouse, then a small house in the desert of Arizona and now an apartment in Germany! Sheesh!

But we did get an apartment on the first floor and there is not one bit of carpeting in the entire place, so I’m calling it an overall win. ;) Oh and houseplants! Germans love them some houseplants and I hopped right on that train. Decorating? So easy and so done with a shit pile of random, difficult to kill plants!  -- Shout out to Mama Nature! … and Pinterest.

I would go as far as to say that we are “settled”, but because our car isn’t here yet, I just can’t. I mean, we are settled enough to feel awkward about not having any friends yet or our usual activities so that’s as good an indicator of settled-ness as anything, right? Ugh, it’s times like this when being an introvert can be annoying. Making friends is so much work!

We have Mallory on the wait-list to attend German Kindergarten in the fall and she is SO excited. Side note: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but in a former life (aka through college) I spoke a decent amount of German. It certainly ain’t pretty but the skill hasn’t diminished toooo much. Anyway, Kyle and I both agreed that Mallory (and Mike) are at the perfect age for the immersion/sink or swim approach to foreign language. Shit, for Michael German may very well become is first language because who knows what that boy is saying right now?! 

Regardless, we are all looking forward to the new opportunities “school” will bring.

The spring fests have started and we have a few trips on the books for May so be on the lookout for Euro/redhead/toddler/cliche photo-spam.

Alright, I’m going to wrap it up. Wish me luck as I venture into the world of small talk and trying to be social.


PS. Did you this years' sun safety kit from Sephora!?  I'm not so patiently waiting on mine... That same order may or may not have the Casey Holmes/Smashbox palette in it too!

06 March 2017

Girl Talk

Like friends who meet for a quick 15 minute coffee break in the midst of cramming as many errands as possible into nap time...

pretty coffee

My son is going to send me to an early grave! It's either that or the looney bin, shit, maybe both! He does some of the most bizarre, ridiculous, destructive, and dangerous stuff, all in the name of a laugh. *eye roll*  Today it was taking a swan dive off the tallest point of the playground because it was really freaking funny to watch his mom tell him to "get down right now" from juuuusssst out of reach. He got down alright...

(Only a bloody lip. Day in the life.)

toddler picking his nose

Germany is an introverts' freaking paradise! No small talk - like, at all. There's no shooting the shit with passers by on hiking trails or talking about your weekend with a random parent in the library. It's awesome. There is a level of honesty about German's that I really appreciate -- that and they are damn good drivers!

You know what Germany is not a paradise for, anything after 9pm. Burden! It's those late night hours that are primo for kid free grocery trips.

Germany may not have a Nordstrom, but they do have Brueninger and I'm a fan. HUGE fan.

I chopped all my hair. Ugh! After cancer I promised myself I'd never willingly have short hair again, but it was just so unhealthy and weird that I felt like I just needed to start from scratch. I do not like how short hair looks on me and I really don't like those extra short pieces of hair that fall out of my ponytails now, but I guess I'll deal. ;) I recently added a fancy schmancy Kerastase product to my hair routine and I'll have to get back to you on that. Too soon to tell.

short blonde hair and red lipstick

Living in Europe has me wanting ally the backpacks. Either that or Kyle's backpack fetish collection is finally rubbing off on me. The man legit has like 12 backpacks on the wall in the garage. Each bag has a specific purpose and he uses them all! I'm wanting a day trip size backpack. Something large enough to hold "day trip stuff" (an extra outfit for each kid, diapers, wipes, snacks, water bottles, my wallet, etc.) but that is also cute (aka doesn't look like something that would ever mingle with my husband's backpacks.) Any suggestions? I'm currently using this backpack as my everyday purse and love it, but it's entirely too small for day tripping ha! These are some I'm liking...

Gotta run! 

13 February 2017


Ok. I'll just come right out and admit it; I drank the cool aid. The fruity, and oh so sweet, KonMari cool aid. (In case you haven't heard of or read the "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo -- that's the cool-aid I'm referring to. I lapped that shit up like a dog in the desert.)

I mean, I didn't do the whole sit on my floor and talk to my clothes or thank my kids' unused toys for their noisemaking service, but I did really pick up (most) of what Marie was putting down. "Keep only the things that spark joy."

Well, the dishwasher, bath towels or bottles of tylenol I kept don't spark joy, but you get the idea. 

Have. Less. SCHTUFF.

My buy-in to the KonMari method predominantly stems from the idea that if you surround yourself only with things you love (and legit need), your life will improve. 

Fewer clothes = less time spent doing laundry. 

Fewer toys = less time spent picking up after the kids go to sleep. 

Fewer throw pillows = fewer pillows on the floor for my kids to wipe their nasty hands/mouths/butts on

In the midst of our exhilarating lives in Arizona, I managed to carve out some time to "discard." I took purging liberties in the kitchen, with the kids clothes/toys, and in my bathroom/vainity. But the area that received the most significant attention was my own closet. 

My closet was busting at the seams and I would conservatively estimate that 3/4 of it was pure crap. Ill-fitting, cheap, never gonna wear again crap!

You see, I've come to the realization that "fashion" just isn't something I love or that "sparks joy" if you will. ;)  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting dressed and feeling put together in a simple, classic, functional, mom kind of way, but fashion? It's not my shit. Coming up with unique ways of styling the latest and greatest trends simply does not get me all hot and bothered. 

And I'm good with that. Great with that in fact. Maybe "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" gave me the permission I didn't know I needed to trim the fat! Let go of the things in my closet that I didn't feel comfortable or confident wearing. Toss the pieces that weren't functional and just begged my children to wipe allllllll the colorful sauces on. Ditch the shoes that I wore that one time to that place for the thing. Gone. All of it--GONE!

Nearly a year later, I am here to tell you that I haven't missed any of the things I tossed. 

I paired my wardrobe down to two types of pants (black leggings and denim), tops in only six different, solid colors (white, gray, black, blue, dark green, or blush/maroon) and a pair or two of neutral colored shoes from each category and that's it!

Apart from a few closet staples, that is literally all I have in my closet. Pinky promise!

signature style inspiration

The KonMari Method served to help me not only realize my own "signature style" but to embrace it.

The gist here is, I have established my personal uniform and I'm thrilled about it!

Very little thought or effort goes into deciding what I'm going to wear on any given day. I know that 100% of the things I wear will be comfortable, functional and make feel good. Having a uniform, for me, it just works!

personal signature style

 1. || 2. || 3. || 4. || 5. || 6. || 7. || 8.

Plus, can you image, spending money on only two types of pants or only considering tops of a certain color/style??! It's been totally and completely liberating!

Basically, if you've been on the fence about tossing all of your shit and simplifying your wardrobe...do it! Just do it. 

You're welcome. ;)

You can shop my "uniform" using the widget below, but consider yourself warned, runway ready it is not. ;)

Also, just because I've gone more minimalist with my clothing does not mean I've done the same with my lipstick collection. Gotta keep things interesting, right?

04 February 2017

View Discretion Advised

dachau concentration camp museum

Even the best of history teachers can't evoke the feelings one has being within the concrete walls of Dachau Concentration Camp.

"arbeit macht frei"

Dachau was the first. 

second world war crematorium

world war two concentration camp

The model and blueprint for all of it's heinous successors. 

nazi concentration camp crematorium

nazi concentration camp guard tower

dachau concentration camp barracks x

Hell on earth for more than 188,000 prisoners.

dachau concentration camp barracks

dachau concentration camp barracks

dachau concentration camp barracks

dachau concentration camp

On Dachau, more human lives than we will ever know were destroyed.

dachau barracks x

dachau gas chambers

dachau barracks x

dachau crematorium

"grave of thousands"


"never again" WWII quote

Visiting a nazi concentration camp--not necessarily the first thing that pops into the heads' of most  when planning a European vacation, but perhaps it should be...

*If you are planning a trip, don't hesitate to shoot me an email and I'd be happy to walk you through the logistics/good-to-know aspects of visiting this particular concentration camp!

27 January 2017

Fort Huachuca In A Nutshell

Our time living in roasty, toasty southern Arizona (roughly 7-ish months) can be described by just a handful of events/experiences...


Probably the most significant (read: traumatic) "thing" to happen while we were in Arizona was Mike's seizure. What you don't know is that he later had two more seizures landing him back in the hospital. Long story short, he had pneumonia which caused an uncontrollable fever. Two seizures in 24 hours bought us a ticket to a pediatric neurologist who ordered an EEG. All came back normal (thank God) and it looks like we are just going to be dealing with febrile seizures for the next few years...

febrile seizure

Switching gears to something more cheery, we made the sweetest friends in Arizona! Shortly after Kyle started his school, he met Dan. Dan has a wife, Ashley and a little boy about the same age as Michael. Kyle soon introduced me to Ashley and we became essentially inseparable! The kids (especially the boys) got along great and so did Ashley and I. How often in life do you get to meet people you just click with? They have been such a blessing to us and I'm thankful the Army brought us together.

Together, we kind of came up with a weekday morning activity routine of sorts. The amenities in and around Fort Huachuca are sparse to say the very least, but we were able to make it work and have a good time!

Monday's were usually spent running errands (Target, duh) and hitting a local playground or two. The country club playground is a good one--no swings!

Tuesday mornings consisted of the toddler "play group" at one of the child care facilities on Fort Huachuca. It went from 9:30-11:30am and consisted of a craft, free play, story time and open play in the gym. 

Wednesdays were pretty lame as far as scheduled activities are concerned. More playground hopping...
Thursday = play group again. We also loved swinging by the Farmer's Market at Veteran's Memorial Park for some fresh ceviche, veggies and maybe an iced coffee or 3. *Desert living perk: year round farmer's market!

Fridays we would either venture out to Desert Thunder gymnastics for a little open gym action or roll the dice with a solid attempt at Story Time at the Sierra Vista Public Library

Riveting our mornings were I tell ya, RIVETING! ;)

To escape the bustling life in Sierra Vista, we would regularly escape to Tucson and Phoenix with a handful of token trips to nearby Bisbee and Tombstone. Fun fact: I went to The University of Arizona for my freshman year of college. SO STRANGE being back for the first time after ten years with my husband and kids. Tucson had the closet Chick-Fil-A so our trips almost always consisted of stopping to get our fix. In Phoenix, Kyle and I managed to catch both a Cayotes and Diamondbacks game KID FREE thanks to visiting grandparents! Otherwise, we would shop, try new restaurants and find activities for the kids. (Both the Tucson and Phoenix Children's Museum are gooooood!)

bisbee breakfast club
Bisbee, AZ

arizona blog
Tombstone, AZ

Schatzi and LT weren't particularly fond of the desert. The heat. The allergies. They will take a hard pass on ever returning. ;)

We were lucky to have so many family and friends come to visit us in Arizona! Both sets of grandparents, my sister, my sweet friend Ashlie, and others. Having people you love visit your home and be a part of the day to day, even if only for a few days, makes all the difference in the world.

Oh! Since at how activities were plentiful, I did a MAJOR household purge. Anything we don't use regularly or love, gone! More on that later.

How's that for the world's most well organized and cohesive blog post?! Ha! #rusty

But really, that about sums it up. Our life in Arizona.


activities for kids in Sierra Vista Arizona

**If you are PCSing to Fort Huachuca, feel free to shoot me an email if you're looking for more info on local activities and events! I simply touched on our weekly routine in this post; there's more to do. Promise!

22 January 2017

We've Moved ... AGAIN!

Didn't we just leave Alaska???  Now, here I am typing this post not from Arizona, but from our newest home -- Germany!!

pcs to germany

One of the coolest parts about having this opportunity to live in Germany is that my parents and youngest sister currently live here too! Funny how we had to move to another country to finally live near family.

As much as we despised the desert heat, we were actually quite sad to leave Arizona. The months we spent living on Fort Huachuca allowed us to meet the most amazing friends and spend a lot more time together as a family.

I have tons more I want to update you on but figured I would just pop on here and share our biggest change first. You know, to get this ball rolling again. ;)

Talk to you soon!

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