27 January 2017

Fort Huachuca In A Nutshell

Our time living in roasty, toasty southern Arizona (roughly 7-ish months) can be described by just a handful of events/experiences...


Probably the most significant (read: traumatic) "thing" to happen while we were in Arizona was Mike's seizure. What you don't know is that he later had two more seizures landing him back in the hospital. Long story short, he had pneumonia which caused an uncontrollable fever. Two seizures in 24 hours bought us a ticket to a pediatric neurologist who ordered an EEG. All came back normal (thank God) and it looks like we are just going to be dealing with febrile seizures for the next few years...

febrile seizure

Switching gears to something more cheery, we made the sweetest friends in Arizona! Shortly after Kyle started his school, he met Dan. Dan has a wife, Ashley and a little boy about the same age as Michael. Kyle soon introduced me to Ashley and we became essentially inseparable! The kids (especially the boys) got along great and so did Ashley and I. How often in life do you get to meet people you just click with? They have been such a blessing to us and I'm thankful the Army brought us together.

Together, we kind of came up with a weekday morning activity routine of sorts. The amenities in and around Fort Huachuca are sparse to say the very least, but we were able to make it work and have a good time!

Monday's were usually spent running errands (Target, duh) and hitting a local playground or two. The country club playground is a good one--no swings!

Tuesday mornings consisted of the toddler "play group" at one of the child care facilities on Fort Huachuca. It went from 9:30-11:30am and consisted of a craft, free play, story time and open play in the gym. 

Wednesdays were pretty lame as far as scheduled activities are concerned. More playground hopping...
Thursday = play group again. We also loved swinging by the Farmer's Market at Veteran's Memorial Park for some fresh ceviche, veggies and maybe an iced coffee or 3. *Desert living perk: year round farmer's market!

Fridays we would either venture out to Desert Thunder gymnastics for a little open gym action or roll the dice with a solid attempt at Story Time at the Sierra Vista Public Library

Riveting our mornings were I tell ya, RIVETING! ;)

To escape the bustling life in Sierra Vista, we would regularly escape to Tucson and Phoenix with a handful of token trips to nearby Bisbee and Tombstone. Fun fact: I went to The University of Arizona for my freshman year of college. SO STRANGE being back for the first time after ten years with my husband and kids. Tucson had the closet Chick-Fil-A so our trips almost always consisted of stopping to get our fix. In Phoenix, Kyle and I managed to catch both a Cayotes and Diamondbacks game KID FREE thanks to visiting grandparents! Otherwise, we would shop, try new restaurants and find activities for the kids. (Both the Tucson and Phoenix Children's Museum are gooooood!)

bisbee breakfast club
Bisbee, AZ

arizona blog
Tombstone, AZ

Schatzi and LT weren't particularly fond of the desert. The heat. The allergies. They will take a hard pass on ever returning. ;)

We were lucky to have so many family and friends come to visit us in Arizona! Both sets of grandparents, my sister, my sweet friend Ashlie, and others. Having people you love visit your home and be a part of the day to day, even if only for a few days, makes all the difference in the world.

Oh! Since at how activities were plentiful, I did a MAJOR household purge. Anything we don't use regularly or love, gone! More on that later.

How's that for the world's most well organized and cohesive blog post?! Ha! #rusty

But really, that about sums it up. Our life in Arizona.


activities for kids in Sierra Vista Arizona

**If you are PCSing to Fort Huachuca, feel free to shoot me an email if you're looking for more info on local activities and events! I simply touched on our weekly routine in this post; there's more to do. Promise!

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