08 May 2017

What's the deal with this lip stuff?

Ok. Before I jump into this...  I do not sell LipSense. I do not plan to sell LipSense. However, it seems that many of my friends have made a very different choice and peddle the shit out of some LipSense!

lipsense review

Multi level marketing companies like SeneGence (the brand behind LipSense and various other make up and skin care products) are something I try to avoid like the plague. I've had a bad experience purchasing from one in the past and I generally like to have the freedom to purchase something completely on my own -- no middle man.

However,  one of my particularly sweet, LipSense loving friends, Camille, sent me a starter kit and I quickly found myself completely hooked!

lipsense starter collection

LipSense claims their lip colors wont budge, last anywhere between 4-18 hours and work to restore moisture to your lips. One of the most appealing of their claims is the ability to create your own lip color combo by layering various shades on top of each other. "Custom" sounds pretty big leagues stuff if you ask me. Also, their glosses are supposed to be some of the best, most hydrating, good-for-you glosses in the game!

Big words SeneGence. Big words.

lipsense starter kit

Before Camille sent my starter kit, which includes a liquid lip color of my choice, a gloss and the Oops! Remover, she gave me some personalized advice on choosing a color, plus a clear run down on how to apply this stuff, but I'll get more into that in a second. Of the 36 different liquid lip colors -- I went with Pink Champagne, a beautiful, cool toned pink.

pink champagne lipsense image

Pink Champagne falls right in line with my favorite, go to, everyday lip color. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, it reminds me ALOT of lovesick by Kat Von D!  

how to apply lipsense

You are supposed to apply your well shaken LipSense to clean, dry lips using a layering technique. 

With color on your applicator and beginning at the corner of your mouth, move the wand in one continuous motion across each lip, creating the first layer.

 With your lips apart, wait a few seconds for the first layer to dry then repeat step 1 two more times.

 ** Make sure you are moving the wand across your lips in the same direction you did for the first layer. 

After the third layer has completely dried, apply your gloss. 

Bam! Done. Crushed it.

pink champagne lipsense on fair skin

PS. You can comb through images of all 36 colors on various skin tones here or just consult the Pinterest which is chalk full of LipSense pics and ideas.

At this point, I've been using my starter collection and LipSense lipcolor EXCLUSIVELY for over a month and feel ready to spill... 

Is it worth the hype? What's the deal?

The "exfoliation process" is no joke. Apparently there is some magic sauce in LipSense that sloughs off alllllll of the dead skin and years of bull shit lip product build up from your lips -- a cool but lengthy process. Nearly three weeks after beginning to use LipSense (they certainly make you work for that longwear-ability) my lips finally started to improve and now feel absolutely amazing -- smooth, hydrated and healthy.

4-18 hours? Seriously?

During those first couple of weeks when my lips were falling off my face, I was lucky to hit that 4 hour mark without needing to touch up. But now, I have to deliberately take my LipSense off at the end of the day because it's still going so strong -- and with only a gloss reapply or two to speak of.

Worth the price tag?

FYI the lip color costs $25 and the glosses cost $20.

But the answer to this question is a ground ball. YES! Cost per use is pennies on the dollar compared to even the cheapest of drugstore lipsticks. Seriously, think about it. You reapply your Cover Girl lipstick 5ish times per day to your 1 LipSense application... A tube of LipSense is said to last you six months easy!


Your cost per use will be even less because Camille has offered Marry Mint readers 10% off any purchase from her shop Ash Beauty Boutique!

Update*** She is also running a Mother's Day sale that gets you 15% off any lip color!

lipsense starter collection promo code

I think LipSense is definitely something worth trying if you haven't already.

I have already purchased two more glosses AND the lip volumizer.  #byedollars

Have you used LipSense? What colors or color combinations are your favorites? Looking to add to my shopping list... ;)

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