01 May 2017

New Groove?

All of my people (and dogs) are finally on the same continent AND we have officially moved into our new home in Wiesbaden, Germany!

The kids and I left the states ahead of Kyle and sent our household goods at that time as well. Kyle and the dogs toughed it out by camping in our empty house in Arizona in the name of not having to wait on our stuff on the Germany side of this move. It worked out perfectly because our household goods were delivered the same day we signed for housing. 

By the way, we signed for an APARTMENT. An apartment in a stairwell. … !!! I mean, I know this is Europe and apartment living is more commonplace here but hot damn - talk about an adjustment! In the past year we have gone from owning a home on a half acre in Alaska, to a townhouse, then a small house in the desert of Arizona and now an apartment in Germany! Sheesh!

But we did get an apartment on the first floor and there is not one bit of carpeting in the entire place, so I’m calling it an overall win. ;) Oh and houseplants! Germans love them some houseplants and I hopped right on that train. Decorating? So easy and so done with a shit pile of random, difficult to kill plants!  -- Shout out to Mama Nature! … and Pinterest.

I would go as far as to say that we are “settled”, but because our car isn’t here yet, I just can’t. I mean, we are settled enough to feel awkward about not having any friends yet or our usual activities so that’s as good an indicator of settled-ness as anything, right? Ugh, it’s times like this when being an introvert can be annoying. Making friends is so much work!

We have Mallory on the wait-list to attend German Kindergarten in the fall and she is SO excited. Side note: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but in a former life (aka through college) I spoke a decent amount of German. It certainly ain’t pretty but the skill hasn’t diminished toooo much. Anyway, Kyle and I both agreed that Mallory (and Mike) are at the perfect age for the immersion/sink or swim approach to foreign language. Shit, for Michael German may very well become is first language because who knows what that boy is saying right now?! 

Regardless, we are all looking forward to the new opportunities “school” will bring.

The spring fests have started and we have a few trips on the books for May so be on the lookout for Euro/redhead/toddler/cliche photo-spam.

Alright, I’m going to wrap it up. Wish me luck as I venture into the world of small talk and trying to be social.


PS. Did you this years' sun safety kit from Sephora!?  I'm not so patiently waiting on mine... That same order may or may not have the Casey Holmes/Smashbox palette in it too!

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