05 June 2017

The Netherlands || Amsterdam, The Hague & Keukenhof

Over Mother's Day weekend, my mom and I snuck in a little overnight getaway to the Netherlands! I can't believe it's already been a month since our trip, but I just have to share a few snip-its and photos from the weekend.

Since spring began, I had been hearing rumblings about all of the incredible tulip fields in The Netherlands, specifically Keukenhof.

Oddly enough, making a 4 hour drive to see flower gardens didn't particularly get Kyle and the kids all hot and bothered so mom and I decided to make a "moms only" weekend of it and call it our Mother's Day gifts to ourselves. ;)

We hit the road early Saturday morning which got us to Amsterdam right around lunch time. After a little parking fiasco we wandered in to a little cafe called Koffie & Zo for a quick bite to eat.

Koffie & Zo

After lunch, we spent a couple of hours just wandering the city and taking in the sights. Our experience in Amsterdam can be summed up by a few photos and even fewer words.

amsterdam bicycles
visit amsterdam
a shit pile of tourists
awesome waterfront homes and house boats
amsterdam sex museum
Sex & Weed

Keukenhof is located smack in the middle of two major cities, Amsterdam and The Hague. Neither of us had any real burning desire to spend too much more time in Amsterdam so we decided to get an Airbnb in The Hague instead.

This was our first ever Airbnb experience (a decade late to the party, I know, I know) and it was a good one! We stayed in the coolest little apartment that was styled to the nine's in Scandinavian decor.

cool Airbnb in The Hague
Scandinavian style Airbnb in The Hague

Airbnb in The Hague, Netherlands

Airbnb in The Hague

After we checked in to our Airbnb we headed out for dinner and more exploring down at Scheveningen Beach in The Hague.

food at Scheveningen Beach in The Hague
Scheveningen Beach, The Hague
Scheveningen Beach, The Hague
Scheveningen Beach, The Hague

Sunday we spent all morning at Keukenhof! Seriously, this place is so beautiful that no words or photos could even come close to doing it justice; you just have to be there. Even though we our visit was at the end of the season, the was no shortage of flowers to say the very least. We actually plan on bringing the whole family back next year. The kids would absolutely love running around the gardens and checking everything out. I mean, there were, in addition to the flowers, food trucks, playgrounds, restaurants and a damn petting zoo! This place is just the best.

Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof food

Keukenhof with kids
Keukenhof gardens


Keukenhof petting zoo

After Keukenhof we went downtown The Hague for lunch and a little shopping before it was time to hit the road.

The Hague

This trip was so special. I actually can't remember the last time Mom and I spent the weekend together, just the two of us. This trip with my mom is something I will remember for a long time.
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